Progressive Learning For Children
189 Tollgate Road, Warwick, RI 02886

  • Full-day Kindergarten with before/after care options
  • Our program is a small classroom setting allowing for dedicated, individualized attention from our state certified teacher who has been with us 22 years.
  • Play-based learning to complement our structured academic activities.
  • Full day Kindergarten with before/after care options (PLC accepts children who do not meet the September 1st public school age requirement.)
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Kindergarten Daycare

The Kindergarten program is in a small classroom setting allowing for dedicated individualized attention from a state certified teacher. The curriculum offers many opportunities towards the goal of guiding each student in their intellectual and character development. We offer a safe environment in which students take risks, develop curiosity and a love of learning. Different levels of ability, development and learning styles are expected, appreciated and taken into consideration when designing activities. The teacher integrates play-based learning to complement our structured academic activities.

Our nine exciting hands-on interest centers revolve around a monthly topic of study. These centers provide choices for the children to engage in experimentation, investigation and elaborate socialization.

Key knowledge areas will be monitored and recorded daily of your child's progress. Our Kindergarten goal is to prepare children to meet or exceed requirements for their future educational success.

The Kindergarten curriculum aligns with the state of RI Early Learning Development Standards and the national Common Core guidelines. The specific components of the curriculum include:


The focus of our reading program is phonics based. Children learn letter sounds and later blend them into words. Sight words are introduced through our “Rigby Literacy Program” and “Foundations” curriculum. The goal is for all students to become confident, strategic, independent readers with strong decoding skills and fluency which fosters comprehension.


Students will be encouraged to participate in daily writing activities. Our “Handwriting Without Tears” multisensory program teaches proper letter formations. Through the use of journals, writing prompts, storytelling and responses to informational text children express their thoughts in basic sentence structure.


Students use manipulatives in a collaborative math program that provides them with a sequenced development of concepts. These include number sense, basic addition/subtraction, place value, geometry, tables/graphs, time, measurement, and money. These skills allow the children to practice critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


Using the scientific methods of investigation and discovery children learn about living things, weather, and motion and caring for the environment.

Social Studies

Children will learn about themselves, family traditions, community, holidays, historical figures and exploring world maps.

Visual Arts, Music and Physical Development

Open-ended activities will stimulate children's imagination and creativity so they can become inventive thinkers. They will realize the process of the experience is more significant than the final product. Music, dance, drama and puppetry will cultivate their growth in all academic areas. A balance of games, movement and outdoor play will develop the child's motor skills. These activities will achieve our program's goal of a healthy mind and body.